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Landing Foot Breakdown

Vertical Force and Stability

Stride Angle

Strike Foot Stability

Landing Foot Angles

Sensor Mound Walkthrough



Sensor Mound Software Features

The Sensor Mound Software delivers insight and analytics to coaches, trainers, and players across the globe. These measurements and metrics are invisible to the naked eye, but Pressure Mapping brings them into the sight.

  • Pressure on Each Foot
  • Center of Pressure
  • Foot Angles
  • Video Recordings
  • Player Database
  • Previous Sessions
  • Phase Markers
  • Righty/Lefty Setting
  • Landing Angles
  • Speed of Transfer
  • Stride Length



Sensor Mound Main Configurations

The Sensor Mound is the instrumented center portion of The Perfect Mound. With The Perfect Mound system, you can create various configurations depending on your needs. Visit The Perfect Mound for more information on configurations.

  • 6-piece 18’ circle
  • 10” mound height construction
  • MLB size and slope compliance
  • Engineered with industrial grade fiberglass
  • Interlocking flange technology
  • 1¾” artificial turf (infill required) specifically manufactured for The Perfect Mound™
  • Entire Mound Turf Replacement System
  • Patented Lift and carry design allows for portability
  • Industry leading 10-year limited warranty
  • Red Clay, Brown with Black Thatch, Brown with Red Clay Thatch available

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